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Capital City Swim Club seeks to help swimmers realize their full potential within the sport.  The various levels are designed to differentiate for the varying needs and/or ages of the athletes.  Coaches strive to foster self-awareness in all stages and encourage athletes to take ownership of their preparation and performance.  Practice times listed below are in-water times, so please arrive approx. 10-15 minutes early to change, stretch, etc.

Rainbow (RB) - (Pre-Competition Group - NEW!)

For the new, part-time swimmer who is just starting to make the length of the pool, the recently-added Rainbow group is a twice-a-week program to begin introducing stroke basics, with an emphasis on freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and starts. 



Red (RD) - (Competition-Readiness Group)

This group focuses on swimmers relatively new to competitive swimming (ages 5 - 8.)  Swimmers should be able to comfortably swim the length of the pool, and swim lessons/experience prior to this level are encouraged.   Coaches will utilize games & ability-appropriate swimming drills to develop the basics of competitive swimming, with an emphasis on safely performing stroke basics and dives .  Practices are three  times a week, and local meet participation at this level is totally optional (but encouraged.)



White (W)

Swimmers in the White group should be able to legally perform (or be very close to successfully performing) the four competitive strokes.  Stroke improvements, racing starts, and turns are also practiced daily as the swimmers in this group (generally ranging from ages 8 - 10,) attend most local meets.  Practices are 4 times a week, and short training "sets" are also introduced here.



Blue (BL)

This group is designed for swimmers generally between the ages of 8 and 12 who have accomplished all of the earlier developmental goals.  Practice will emphasize perfecting all four strokes and build on the solid mechanics of kicking, starts, turns, and finishes.  Swimmers will become familiar with the rules of year-round USA competitive swimming and be encouraged to set goals.  Practicing four times a week helps further develop stamina, and regular participation in meets helps build confidence in competition.



Bronze (BR)

This group meets four times per week, and at this stage, a year-round commitment to swimming is encouraged.  This group is designed for swimmers ages 11 and up and with previous competitive swimming experience. Practices are more rigorous at this level and will emphasize building endurance and improving aerobic conditioning both in the pool and through dryland exercises.   With attention to fine-tuning the strokes, starts, turns, and finishes, swimmers will begin establishing goals toward achieving of various Ohio and USA Swimming and/or high-school time standards.  Meet participation is highly encouraged.


Silver (Si)

Swimmers at this level (5 - 6 times per week) are generally high-school aged and committed to swimming year-round.   This group is designed for swimmers ages 13 through 18 who are preparing to move into the senior level of training and competition. Practices increase in intensity and duration. Stroke refinement is still a priority with additional dedication to more challenging interval-based swim training, developing a strong aerobic base, and speed work.  Dryland conditioning is maintained.  Understandably, swimmers at this level are exceptionally motivated, and display consistent practice habits & meet participation. 


Gold (G)

This group is designed for the senior athlete who has made swimming his or her exclusive sport, and maintains goals of achieving at the highest levels of high school competition, achieving national time standards, and/or pursuing college level participation.  The focus is on extensive aerobic training supplemented with dryland conditioning, and advanced sprint, middle-distance and long-distance training techniques.   Swimmers in this level are extremely accomplished and practice 5-6 times per week.  Enrollment is by invitation only and is at the discretion of the coaching staff.


2017 Fall/Winter

Upcoming Meets:


(Coaches will help swimmers at practice pick events for upcoming meets.)

*Meets may be added, removed, have location changes, or have other unforeseeable circumstances (entry limits, qualification standards, etc.) related to events.

**All meet participants must be registered with USA Swimming.

***Most meets require additional fees (usually $5 per event) that can be paid in advance to Capital City Swim Club.  Many families “pay ahead” in escrow at the beginning of the season.